Producing Method For Lead Nitrate Tech Grade

2020-09-29 10:21:53 admin

The production method for lead nitrate(10099-74-8) :

Heat the lead grain,then dissolved in nitric acid(analusis); then cooling, the small crystalline powder set out through cooling;then with nitric acid to washing decantation method 2-3 times, filter the crude products. Soluble in water under heating,hot filtering. Add nitric acide in the filtrate (pure).Cooling,suction out crystallization,drying,  get the pure lead nitrate.

Packing method:

Packed in plastic bags or two kraft papers bags,then in o the full opening or opening steel drum; packed in plastic bags or two kraft papers bags, wooden cases outside; thread mouth glass bottle,iron cap glass bottle,palstic bottle or metal barrel(jar) outside wooden cases; thread mouth glass bottle,plastic bottle or tin plating steel sheet barrel(jar) outside carton with grid full floor, or fiberboard carton or plywood carton.

Attention druing transportation:

Should be in strict accordance with the ministry of railway transportation of the dangerous goods transport rules of dangerous goods equipped with tables for fittings. Transportation separate shipment, transportation process to ensure that the container does not leak, collapse, fall, and not damaged.Transport vehicles should be equipped with corresponding varieties and number of fire equipment.I t is strictly prohibited and acids, combustible materials, organic matter, reducing agent, such as spontaneous combustion, in wet flammable items and vehicle.Transportation speed shoulds not be too fast, not forced overtaking.Before and after loading and unloading, transport vehicle shall be thoroughly cleaned, washed, it is forbidden to mixed with organic matter, the impurities such as tinder.



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